Over the past few years, we at the CCG (Crookston Community Group) charity have established a voluntary pilot food bank programme, which targets more than 500 deprived individuals per week within Glasgow.
Tri-weekly donated foods (Breads, pastries, fruits, vegetables, etc) are distributed to different homeless shelters, night shelters, asylum seeker refuges, hostels, and mental health organisations. We have also established a "drop off" point in a deprived neighbourhood in Pollok where deprived individuals queue up and receive their share of food. We pick up food donations from many different distributors, and do all of this out of the boot of our cars, using our own fuel, and with unpaid volunteers.
In order to continue our growth, we have formed partnerships with other charities who share a lot of the same goals, including: Glasgow Ansar, Scottish Poverty Network, and Glasgow City Council Foodbank Forum.
The Rationale behind this Project:
Food poverty and deprivation are often overlooked issues. There are 13 million people who live below the poverty line in the UK, and lack access to healthy affordable foods. Every day people in the UK go hungry due to many factors, including redundancy, being on low income, underemployment, rising living costs, and changes to their benefits. These factors have their own consequences, and often lead to an increase in crime, domestic violence, family breakdown, mental health problems, and housing loss. Reasons like these are why food banks are becoming more and more of a necessity in the UK.
Within the UK, 8.2 million tonnes of good foods are thrown away every year. CCG have been working with supermarkets and smaller retail businesses to absorb their losses, and to feed the poor and homeless, whilst helping to reduce food wastage.
Over the past few years, we at the CCG (Crookston Community Group) charity have established a voluntary pilot food bank programme, which targets more than 500 deprived individuals per week within Glasgow.
Food on Wheels project is about delivering foods to the most needy people at home, who are unable to visit the local foodbank. The project's name cames from the fact that our voulenteer drives wheeled vehicles to deliver the food parcels.
If you need help follow the instructions below.
  1. You should find a referee agency. Any local council or charity organisation can be your referee
  2. You should ask your referee organisation to contact us and request a food parcel delivery.
  3. When we receive your details from your referral organisation, we will contact you by phone directly and make an appointment to deliver the food parcel.
A relative new endeavour is the Art and Crafts session at Crookston Community Group (CCG). The age group for this program starts from 5 to 12. To date this has been a great success, at the moment the program runs every Saturday from 10am to 12 noon. We are hoping to expand it into two sessions on Saturday to accomodate the growing interest shown by the community.
Arabic and Urdu language classes: - We have been running language classes for 5 years in Leithland Community Centre, Pollok with a great deal of participation and interest. The class consists of over fifty pupils and is run by 7 volunteers, as an added incentive we take the children on social outings once a week. One of the social outings we did was Ameen week. This is open to all walks of the community; it is about faith, coming together as a complete community irrespective of your faith, race or religion etc.
We can teach you how to use the Computer, the Internet, the Social Networks and the online Job Portals.
All ages are welcome. Women only! Friday at 10:00pm.
Samosa Fun Day is an event where families can come together and have fun. There are many stalls such as art and craft, toys, sweets, henna, raffle, nail art, bouncy castle, face painting, food, clothes jewellery and many, many more. The Crookston Community Group (CCG) aims to improve the understanding and cooperative relations among people of all cultures, faith and race across Scotland, especially Glasgow, to promote diversity, inclusion and harmony. The event helps inspire the young generations to get involved in charities. And involving the community breaking the barriers between communities.
Charity Dinner to help raise funds for our foodbank on wheels project.
Crookston was a community riven by in crime, poverty & lack of opportunities. A very diverse community it also suffered from a lack of inter-faith respect & multi-cultural understanding. In 2008, knowing that many in the community had wonderful talents & skills to share, that multi-culturalism was something to celebrate and that true change could only be brought about by working together and by focusing on all that is good in the community, Crookston Community Group (CCG) was established. We're mobile - the only Mobile Food Bank in Scotland. On top of standard food bank services we take food to those in need who can't come to us e.g. due to age, long term health conditions or disabilities. We're also there in a crisis - our Emergency Food Relief Service responds to requests from Housing Associations, Social Services, Scottish Prison Services, Scottish Refugee Services, GAMH, GPs and Health Visitors to provide food to those you are in dire and immediate need. CCG has proven to be a catalyst for social action, able to achieve so much by encouraging people to take the first steps to become active in our community, helping them to develop their social and educational skills and developing a strong base of minority ethnic volunteers with a range of different languages as well as a healthy number of volunteers from the Scottish indigenous community. The organisation has always been service user led and many service users registering as volunteers.
Why we need this project: Glasgow needs CCG because we contribute significant social and economic value to both individuals and society. CCG helps reduce the burden on families, reduce unemployment, make our community more attractive to businesses and improve people's quality of life through financial and welfare education. In the last year alone we engaged with 29,200 people throughout all of our projects and services:
  • Black & Minority Ethnic - 1,500
  • Homeless - 500
  • Asian Kids - 2,250
  • Asylum Seekers - 200
  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse - 2,100
  • Locals - 650
  • Food Bank - 22,000
This project consisted of an eight week activity programme, one three hour session a week, locally accessible woodlands. Each session included a range of activities including, bug hunting, tree climbing and shelter building. The project supported children between the ages of 5 to 16 years with a particular focus on children from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. Funding was used to pay experienced woodland leaders to develop and deliver the activity programme. This was carried out alongside volunteers from the community to skill them up and provide them with the knowledge of planning and leading basic woodland activities.
Walking and Biking. Crookston has some of the most beautiful sites if you take the time look around, one of the most relatively in-expensive activities available today and the most effective form of social exercise is walking, we as a community group plan safe roaming sessions for the able bodied as well as the disabled (within Limits) resources required for this event will enable us to provide walking boots and outdoor apparel for those whom truly wish to take part but unfortunately suffergreat financial hardship.
The project is set up to encourage participation in sport within the ethnic minority community, although our group is open to all. We aim to build a strong community bond amongst participants. The football project is aimed at boys aged between 5 & 21. These young people have had little at accessing sport in the past and we will deliver through football coaching sessions at Nethercraigs Sports Centre every Wednesday between 5 and 7 pm. We are looking to start the taster sessions at the end of June 2012 and hope to make it a regular session. We are in contact with SFA and other organisations to help provide coaches for the sessions. We are also looking into qualifications for our non-playing adults. Glasgow will benefit because we will bring many people together from different backgrounds and create a feeling of unity. Young people will benefit from having dedicated activities and opportunities that will help them to develop new skills, keep healthy and build strong support networks and friendships. The organisation (CCG) will also benefit by receiving much needed equipment and will enable us to start tester sessions. This will give more confidence to parents of the young people involved as they will see a structures session for their children.
A large number of ladies we have in our community have expressed how they would feel more confident with only ladies classes. This would not imply segregation by any means.