Crookston Community Group is a charity organisation in Glasgow, Scotland, which was founded by Tariq Ali many years ago. He spent his childhood in this area and experienced how increasing the crime and the poverty here time to time. When he became adult he decided to take the matters into his own hands by establishing this organisation.
The main goal of Crookston Community Group is to create a sense of community in the Glasgow area. We believe that our work will lead to more personal involvement and more cultural, educational and social activities in the neighbourhood, which will create a better society and a better place for people to live in the future.
The local people strongly believe the CCG's work. The organisation has quickly gained members through small, organised parties and volunteers from all walks of life, who come to support the charity and jointly improve the neighbourhood.
Over the years, the Crookston Community Group has grown and many events have and foodbanks become the part of the neighbourhood. All members of the community are happy and proud to have made a difference.
Working in partnership with local community groups, local authorities, statutory and voluntary groups, as well as the private sector, the Crookston Community Group has developed and supports a range of projects using arts, culture, education, festivals, sport and other such initiatives, aimed at building bridges among a diversity of cultures and communities. It has developed best practices, materials and resources on cross-cultural dialogue and collaborative projects as well as to provide platforms for constructive debate and opinions.
The Crookston Community Group works mainly to support the communities across the Southside of Glasgow but has extensive links with a diverse range of other groups in other areas throughout the world. CCG provides: OUR SPONSORS
  • Out of school cultural activities in Arabic and Urdu
  • Support with homework
  • A range of activities including, arts, craft, camping and sport
  • Community cohesion and antisocial behaviour workshops
  • Support for women and elderly people in the community
  • Translation and interpreting support to a number of agencies as and when required
Essentially, the main focus of CCG is to foster motivation in the community, build the community capacity, to promote intercultural dialogue and participation, celebrate our diverse cultures and heritage.